100 Happy Days

let’s see if i can play along with this, for 100 days at least.

but it does not need to be 100 days straight, right right? there are days i just do not want to power up my laptop or go on my ipad as i prefer to spend more time with snowbob.

let’s see how it goes. oh, did i just repeat that?

we will see how it goes then.

(stop repeating your mumbles!)


some updates

somebody asked me to update my blog, so here goes.

i quitted the ‘big company’ job, with my last day painted in blue as an avatar dancing on stage with colleagues during the company’s annual dinner.

my sonshine will be turning 2 this june! that means i survived being a working mother till now. but i’m still trying to balance out the cultural and lifestyle conflicts between my in laws, who are taking care of sonshine for the mo.

i went back to the previous company. slightly senior job scope, different expectations. still trying to catch up.

that’s all, i guess. for now.



workaholic anonymous #5

hello hello!my name’s erizabesu, and i admit, i have not been back for the longest time ever. fret not, i’m back now with my third session of workaholic anonymous therapy.

the last time i was prescribed complete bed rest for one week was in the year 2008 when my BP shot up to 170/110.

well, the doctor has prescribed me bed rest for one week now also as i’m experiencing symptoms of pre eclampsia. not yet there, but borderline.

we will see how it goes, eh?


when you look me in the eyes #17

i miss my mum’s cooking. i lack a proper kitchen to even attempt to cook her dishes.

i miss eating my favourite food.

i miss going to malls.

i miss catching a movie at the cinema.

i miss driving around freely.

i miss being able to fit into my jeans.

i miss the thrill of my career, or job, or whatever you call it that pays you a salary to get by with life.

i miss being passionate with what i do.

i miss having my own life.

and i wonder what i really want.